An Introduction to Eco-Friendly Garden Design

Honey bees pollinating lavender plants

There are many ways to make your garden more eco-friendly. From small eco-friendly steps to a complete garden overhaul, anyone can get involved with the green movement and do their bit in the garden. 

So, whether you’re planning a whole new garden design or you’re just trying to find ways to make your current garden more eco-friendly, this blog will give you all the inspiration you need.

Use recycled wood and other recycled materials

If it already exists in the world and you don’t want it to go to waste, you might as well use it in your garden. Garden furniture made of recycled wood is easy to get hold of. Or, if you fancy a DIY project, you could even make a garden bench out of recycled wood and other materials.

Invest in solar lights and panels

Not only are solar lights gorgeous, but they will also save you from buying endless batteries. It’s also worth investing in some solar panels to help power your home. 

Include water butts to conserve water

This is such a simple way to make your garden eco-friendly and will help you cut down on your water bill too. Harvesting rainwater to water your plants with is a very effective way to save water.

Opt for locally-sourced materials

Choosing locally-sourced materials and products not only helps to support local businesses but also cuts down on your carbon footprint. Eco-friendly garden design starts in your local community.

Use natural plant food/pest control and avoid chemicals

Nowadays, there are lots of brilliant natural plant foods and pest control products on offer. While chemicals can be necessary sometimes, opt for natural options when possible.

Plant flowers that will attract bees

This tip is good for the local wildlife and it’s also good for you too because it’s always lovely to spot bees and butterflies in your garden. Lavender, rosemary and buddleia are just a few plants that bees are attracted to.

Invest in a green roof

This is a slightly more ambitious eco-friendly garden design idea, but green roofs look amazing and offer many benefits. Whether you opt to partially cover your roof in vegetation or go the whole way, green roofs improve water quality, reduce air pollution and noise and help to conserve energy.

If you have any questions about eco-friendly garden design, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Posted on October 3rd 2019

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