Best Winter Plants: Here Are Some Plants That Grow in Winter

Helenium plant in the winter covered in snow

What Plants Grow in the Winter?

Here in the UK, many of us can find our gardens growing sparse during the long winter months. Our cold, wet winters mean there aren’t as many plants that grow in winter compared to warmer countries. But that doesn’t mean your garden needs to stay bare throughout winter. It just means you need to get creative about your planting and choose the best winter plants that can thrive in a UK winter. Let’s explore some options.

Some of the best winter plants are actually winter vegetables, such as onions, garlic and brussel sprouts. These vegetables are hardy and will survive the winter months outdoors just fine. Whether you enjoy growing your own food on a regular basis, or you’re just looking for an excuse to get out in the garden during the cooler months, growing vegetables that you can later use to make a hearty soup is ideal for winter. Onions and shallots can be planted in autumn, ready to be harvested next summer and if you plant early enough in the autumn, hardy spring onions will make it through too.

If you’re after vegetables that will be ready to harvest during the winter, you have a few options. Once sown in the autumn, Perpetual spinach will keep your salads green throughout the winter. Kale, leeks, brussel sprouts and white-stemmed chard can also be harvested in the winter. If you have enough space and a little patience, you could also invest in an autumn planting variety of asparagus. The glorious harvest will definitely be worth the two-year wait.

Want to see some gorgeous blooms during the winter? Winter flowering perennials such as Helenium, Japanese Anemone and Echinops Ritro will inject a lovely splash of colour into your British garden. Perennials have to be one of the best winter plants as they are bright and jolly and relatively easy to take care of. If your garden has enough space, winter-flowering cherry trees are another gorgeous addition to a winter garden. Their pale pink flowers are just as delicate and pretty as Spring blossom but you don’t have to wait until April to enjoy them. Or, if you want to start off every new year with a nice little surprise, add Snowdrops to your garden. Out of all the plants that grow in winter, Snowdrops are the very first flowers to open in the new year and will give your garden a much-needed boost after the Christmas decorations have come down.

Hopefully, now you not only have a better idea of the plants that grow in winter but also the best times to plant or harvest them. Enjoy creating your new winter garden!

Posted on January 7th 2019

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