Christmas Greetings

A lady in the garden with a rake

So, Christmas is nearly upon us and with it comes the Christmas Holiday and a chance to work off some of that turkey and pudding out in the garden.

It’s a great time to get going on the general garden tidying that you have been putting off for several weeks – but a word of warning! Don’t overdo it! No, I don’t mean physically, what I mean is that a bit of mess is a good thing. 

Your Lawn

Autumn leaves on your lawn is bad news as they create the perfect conditions for grass diseases to flourish, so clear these up and if it's not too many just bung them in with your compost. If you have a lot, it’s worth building a leaf-mould bin from timber or wire mesh.


Leaves in the borders, on the other hand, are perfect for blackbirds to poke around in, looking for insects. I also like to leave a lot of the dead perennials uncut. I know a lot of people think dead flowers are unsightly, but it just depends on how you look at them. To me, a dead Sedum or a dried-up Perovskia is still a thing of beauty and so much better than just bare soil.

Leaves in the winter in the garden

If you need any help with landscaping, don’t hesitate to get in touch with City Gardens.

Posted on December 9th 2020

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