Designing a Contemporary Garden

Close-up of a Yucca plant

We all know the importance of a garden in making a house a home, but what some people forget is to make sure the style of their garden fits in with the rest of the house. Any modern home needs a contemporary garden design to match, and we’ve got a few practical tips to point you in the right direction.


The first thing to consider, without a doubt, is the layout, specifically the use of space. Modern design relies heavily on a minimalist use of space, so try to keep your garden furniture and decorations to a minimum so that you can achieve a truly contemporary feel. We recommend a few standout pieces of furniture, or maybe a sculpture or two – then let the rest of the garden speak for itself. Cooler, natural colours tend to create a contemporary atmosphere, like grey, light brown and cream. Large, open spaces paired with subtle, natural colours are essential to consider and will weave in seamlessly with your chosen lighting. 


The next thing to factor into your contemporary garden design is the lighting. Even though the British seasons don’t offer us the maximum amount of time to spend in our gardens, you don’t necessarily need a light summer evening to enjoy your outdoor space. After the sun’s gone in, you can still enjoy spending time outside, so lighting is essential in any contemporary garden design. Solar lights are perfect for this; they soak up the sun during the day to keep your garden illuminated through the evening. They come in all shapes and sizes, too, from strings of fairy lights to stake lights. To really give your garden a contemporary twist, why not install some coloured LED spotlights? Perfect for impressing and entertaining guests!


In any garden, plants are a critical part of the design process and shouldn’t be overlooked. Specifically for contemporary garden design, our personal favourites are Aucuba, Yucca and Hosta. Aucuba, originating from Asia, is easy to maintain as an evergreen plant. Yucca, also an evergreen, consists of tough, sharp leaves and large pillars of small, white flowers which should fit in perfectly with your garden’s colour scheme. If your garden is particularly susceptible to become shaded (not surprising in the British climate!), Hosta is a perfect plant because of its resilience to shade. Its colours are also in keeping with the contemporary feel you’re trying to reach.

Planting Style

Having chosen the plants for your contemporary garden design, it’s now time to put some thought into the planting style. While a rigidly organised style would seem to fit in with the sharp angles and minimalist feel of a contemporary home, this unsurprisingly goes against nature’s intentions. The best way to seamlessly fuse your garden’s lighting, furniture and layout with its natural elements is to go for a loose, unconfined planting style. This will invite warmth and liveliness into your garden, helping you create your perfect space. As long as your plants are maintained well and don’t get too carried away, a subtly planned, but not too limiting, planting style is the perfect way to bring all the aspects of your contemporary garden together.

Ultimately, your garden is your space and the beauty of contemporary garden design is the freedom you have to really make your space your home. While our tips can offer you a bit of guidance along the way, we hope you love every second of designing your dream garden, from start to finish. For further tips and advice, be sure to keep an eye on our blog.

Posted on July 27th 2018

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