Decking Ideas for Small Gardens

small decking idea: matching planters

Decking can transform a small garden. Many homeowners with small gardens are put off by decking as they don’t know how to make it work in their space. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can make a small decking area into an amazing wooden feature, here are some garden decking ideas:

Our favourite decking ideas for small gardens

Let’s get inspired.

Use mirrors to your advantage 

As decking ideas for small gardens go, this is quite an obvious one. A classic trick for any small space, if you want to make your garden look bigger, installing mirrors beside your garden deck can make a huge difference. It's a great trick to consider when considering decking designs for small gardens.

Make the most of your garden’s vertical space

A small section of decking can look a little lost, but extending your decking up a wall of your garden or into a flower bed will help to incorporate it into your space. Alternatively, you can forgo ground decking entirely and go for vertical decking along the length of your garden. It also serves as an optical illusion, making your garden appear larger as the deck boards stretch away from you.

Assuming your garden isn't heavily overlooked, consider a raised deck or multi-level deck for your small backyard - the change in levels can give the illusion of a larger outdoor space.

Your decking can double as seating

You may have a small garden, but you still want to be able to sit outside and enjoy it. You could just build a deck, or use decking to create seating, whether it’s a bench around a tree trunk or a few squares of decking to perch on.

Trying to arrange separate garden furniture onto your decking can make your space look smaller, including a built-in seating area into your deck plan will make your space more polished and less cluttered. You might even be able to fit in a whole dining area if you plan your backyard deck carefully.

decking ideas for small gardens

Use potted plants and flowers

Decorating your decking with foliage can detract from a small deck and help to make the line between your lawn and your deck less dramatic. High plants are particularly good to incorporate into small garden designs with decks.

Light coloured decking is best

Although dark wood can look amazing, if you have a small garden then opt for light coloured decking to make your space look larger and brighter. Speaking of light, if your outdoor living space doesn’t get a lot of sun, this could be making it feel more cramped than it is. Invest in some outdoor lighting to brighten up your deck.

Decking Shapes

When your garden is small you need to make use of all the available space. Don't shy away from strange shapes if they might give you more decking space. A curved edge in the right circumstances can soften the finish of your decking and make an easier transition to the rest of your garden, it's important to consider the shape of your overall space when you're coming up with decking design ideas.

We hope you have found our decking ideas for small gardens useful. For more inspiration, look out for photographs or pictures of small gardens with beautiful decks. 

And, if you need any help with landscaping, don’t hesitate to get in touch with City Gardens.

Posted on September 24th 2020

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