Five Design Ideas for Square Gardens

Garden with large lawn, stone patio and potted flowers arrangement

Whilst you might think that having a square garden makes garden design a more straightforward task, one of the biggest challenges people with a square garden face is trying to make their outdoor space a bit more interesting and unique. 

A straightforward garden with a square of grass is not very exciting but there are plenty of ways you can add spice to your garden design. Here, we take a look at our five favourite square garden design ideas that will really spruce up your space!

1.      Stray from straight lines

One of the most effective ways to jazz up a simple square space is to throw some curved shapes into the mix. You can do this by opting for a circular or oval-shaped lawn, or by adding a curved or arched path within your garden. This will draw attention away from the square shape of the space and towards the more interesting lines, whilst providing spaces for beds and shrubberies.

2.      Level up!

Another great way to add some variety to your square garden is to add levels. Raised decking can add a real sense of luxury to an outdoor eating area and raised beds can be a chic addition to any square garden. 

With this design idea, you need to take into account some practicalities if you have young children or need disability access, but levels can still be incorporated by adding gradual slopes.

3.      Include bold borders

The way your outdoor space is bordered will have a key impact on the feel and appearance of your square garden. Opting for wooden panelled fencing can really smarten up your garden and you then have the option to paint the wood in a colour of your choice if you prefer something other than its lovely natural colour. 

You can also make the borders of your square space more interesting by alternating between paving and planted borders. This will add a variety of textures and colours to the framing of your space.

4.      Add focal features

Your square garden could also be majorly improved by adding some main focal features. This is a great way to inject a bit of personality into your outdoor area and utilise as much space as possible. 

Why not introduce a corner pergola to add an essence of sophistication? Or, if you are looking to make full use of your garden, you could add a summer house or garden office. These provide further points of interest and can also be really useful for having a quiet space set away from the house.

5.      Keep it varied

Our final design idea for sprucing up a square garden is simply to keep it varied. Experiment with a variety of plant colours to reflect your personal taste and add some vibrancy to your garden. 

You can also vary the kind of plants you want to use in different areas or levels and, as we mentioned earlier, try experimenting with different shapes to add some variety to the straight, square lines that your garden naturally presents you with.

With so many possible design ideas for square gardens out there, your garden doesn’t need to look like all the rest – you can really inject some personality into your space!

If you would like more information on the best square garden design ideas, take a quick look at what we do or get in touch with our team.

Posted on January 28th 2020

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