How to Create a Winter-Proof Patio Area

Garden patio area with plants, flowers and blue fencing

So, you want to make the most of your patio in the winter as well as the warmer months? Here are some easy ways to create a winter-proof patio area that can be used all year round.

Make sure your patio provides shelter

This is your first step to winter-proofing your patio. Give your patio area shelter and it becomes a refuge from the wind and rain. Once you have installed some shelter, you will find that you use your patio more in the spring and summer too.

Invest in some patio heaters

This one is another game-changer. There’s nothing quite like feeling warm and toasty while enjoying your frosty winter garden at the same time. Patio heaters come in different shapes and sizes and they make a huge difference to your winter garden.

Install warm and appealing lights

Keep the darkness at bay with gorgeous patio lights. Whether you opt for string lights, decking lights or lanterns, a bit of golden light will completely transform your winter-proof garden.

Store blankets and rugs outside

Outdoor rugs made of durable fibres can cope with the elements and give you that much-needed home comfort outside too. Keep some cosy blankets in a waterproof storage container on your patio ready to drape over your knees as well.

Decorate the patio area in a cosy way

You not only want a patio that feels warm, but also a patio that looks warm. Use warm colours and rustic textures to make your patio feel cosy and inviting. Try pairing orange or red garden furniture with an array of textured pots.

Use wildflowers and wild plants to emphasise the natural look

Cherry laurel, variegated ivy and holly are just a few wild plants that will complement your warm colours and twinkling lights beautifully. Taking the time to carefully select the perfect flowers and plants will complete your winter-proof patio area.

Hopefully, this blog has equipped you with a few new ideas for winter-proofing your patio area. Even if some of these steps aren’t achievable for you, just pick one or two that you feel will make the most difference to your garden. 

If you’re looking for further advice on designing a patio area for your garden, you are always welcome to get in touch with our team.

Posted on January 8th 2020

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