Ideas for Designing Your Winter Garden

Frozen leaf in the winter

The seasons are changing, but that doesn’t mean you have to hang up your gardening tools. Here are some winter garden design ideas to help you get the most of your garden this winter.

Create a covered seating area so you can still enjoy the outdoors

Winter can be cold, but sometimes a moment to enjoy the brisk winter air can be just what you need during those long months spent cooped up. A covered seating area will encourage you to get out in your garden more often, even if you do need to bring a hot drink.

Plan your planting around where the sunlight falls

During the winter, sunlight is harder to come by and the angle at which the sun hits your garden will be different from the summer. Make a sun map of your garden in the winter and plant accordingly, making the most of the lightest areas. Remember that different plants require different levels of sunlight so always take this into account when planting too.

Take advantage of evergreen plants and fruit trees

Winter doesn’t necessarily have to mean a sparse, empty garden. Plant some evergreens to inject life into your garden all year round and consider adding fruit trees to enjoy an autumn harvest.

Leave fallen leaves and debris

Did you know autumn leaves give nutrients back to the soil? Some people think that fallen leaves make their gardens look messy, but getting rid of them is doing your garden a disservice. Rather than sweeping away fallen leaves, let nature take its course and allow the leaves to rot naturally – this will give nutrients to your soil.

Use interesting structures such as arches, water features or statues

When it comes to winter garden design ideas, it’s not all about plants and trees. There are some elements of your garden that don’t have to depend on the seasons. Arches, statues (big or small) and water features will add interest to your garden all year round. If you’re on a tight budget, see if you can pick up a small statue second hand.

Hopefully, these winter garden design ideas have inspired you to make the most of your garden all year round. If you think you might need a hand planning and creating your winter garden, take a quick look at what we do.

Posted on November 7th 2019

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