Luxury Garden Design Ideas to Inspire You

Luxury garden with patio with garden chairs and wooden table

Anyone can enjoy a taste of luxury in their gardens, no matter their budget. Here are some foolproof luxury garden design ideas.

Garden furniture

Nothing says luxury like comfortable and stylish garden furniture. If you have the space for a full garden furniture set then this luxurious but practical investment is sure to transform your garden. 

You will find that you enjoy your garden much more once you have somewhere to lounge. Or, if you want to enjoy luxury al fresco dining, invest in a beautiful dining set. Even if you have a small garden or a small budget, you can still invest in a couple of loungers and a small table to put your drinks on. 

Light colours

When it comes to modern luxury, less is often more. For a contemporary luxurious garden, choose a stone or concrete patio in a neutral colour. Minimalism and light colours are popular right now for a reason. White or pale paving stones or light coloured wood decking will make your garden feel lighter, more spacious and much more expensive than it actually is.

Garden lighting

If you’re dreaming of spending hot summer evenings in your garden, pick up some beautiful lighting to give your evenings that luxury feel, without breaking the bank. Opt for garden fairy lights for an ethereal atmosphere or pick up some minimalistic solar lights to highlight your flower beds.

It’s all in the details

Add visual interest to your garden with a water feature, sculpture or even something as simple and affordable as a few attractive garden pots. When choosing details for your garden, be sure to go for classic items that will still look modern and beautiful in years to come. 

Beautiful plants

To complement your luxury aesthetic, select the most beautiful and striking plants that will look the best with your design. Also, to ensure that your garden looks its best all year round, be sure to add some evergreens. After all, luxury garden design is not just for the summertime.

Maintain your garden

It goes without saying that garden maintenance is also crucial in achieving that luxury look. This means regularly cutting back your trees and shrubs, staying on top of any weeds and keeping your lawn tidy. If you are struggling to keep up with your garden maintenance, consider investing in professional help.

We hope you found these luxury garden design ideas inspiring and motivating. Affordable garden luxury is at your fingertips.

At City Gardens, we cover all aspects of landscaping, from helping you develop your garden ideas and working through the planning stages, all the way to the actual construction.

Posted on July 4th 2019

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