Our Top Gardening and Landscaping Tips

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New Year, new garden? If you are looking to refresh your garden or even design an entirely new one, City Gardens are here to share our top gardening and landscaping tips. We hope these tips provide a handy starting point and get you thinking about the garden landscaping process.

What to Include

First, make a list of what you definitely want to include, such as a children’s play area, a patio which gets the evening sun, a pond etc, etc Then it’s design, construct, and plant. When you want a new garden, the order of this process is non-negotiable. Start with a watertight design, including details such as dimensions and materials. Then, you must get the bare bones of your garden, from the patio to the drive, in place before you start planting.

Garden Design Style

Think about garden design style. If you’re starting from scratch and you want a completely new garden, be clear in your mind about what style you want. Your design style will influence every part of the process, so get it nailed down first. Consider whether you prefer a modern or traditional garden, and bear in mind the space you’re working with. When it comes to gardening and landscaping tips, this is not one to be ignored.

Make sure your garden fits with your home. Your garden is an integral part of your home and should work in harmony with your house’s architecture style and your interior design. If you live in a modern city house, find ways to incorporate this style into your garden too.

Read up on the best time of year to plant. It’s easy to get carried away and plant your garden in a hurry in your eagerness to see it bloom. But be sure to follow instructions and plant at the best time of year for your shrubs, vegetables or trees. It will all pay off when you see them thrive.

Think About Space and Layout.

The size and shape of your garden must always dictate how you design your garden. Whilst a large garden would be ideal for planting trees and large shrubs, these plants could dominate a small garden. If you’re working with more limited space, be sure to stick with 2-3 complementary colours to avoid overcrowding your garden. Equally, if you have a large garden, try breaking up your garden into sections to be sure to plan ahead in terms of maintenance.

Get help from a landscape designer. Although it is possible to embark on small scale gardening projects without the help of a professional, most gardening and landscaping projects require specialist attention which is where City Gardens can help. Seeking help from an experienced and professional landscape designer will ensure your project runs smoothly.

We hope you found these gardening and landscaping tips useful. For more tips and inspiration, why not take a look at our blog? Or, if you want to know more about making the most of your garden, get in touch. We offer a free consultation with a landscape gardener.

Posted on January 25th 2019

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