What we do

City Gardens cover all aspects of landscaping

What we do

We are Devon-based experts in garden and landscape design.

At City Gardens, we cover all aspects of landscaping, from helping you develop your garden ideas and working through the planning stages, all the way to the actual construction. Our expertise covers a whole range of aspects of landscape design, including the construction of patios, drives, ponds, decks, pergolas and walls, as well as planting. With access to a vast range of plants, from small shrubs to giant specimen trees, we can advise you every step of the way when you share your garden design ideas with us. Our years of experience allow us to create beautiful new lawns as well as upgrade your existing lawn.


Whether you’re starting your garden design from scratch or you’re in need of a complete makeover, we can offer you a free initial consultation with a landscape designer.

Design fees are time-based and depend on the complexity of your vision, as well as any complications on the site. Sometimes, a one-off trouble-shooting consultation can help you formulate your garden design ideas and offer suggestions you may not have considered. It might be that you only require a simple structural layout with details and a planting scheme. If you wish, the landscape design can include detailed construction drawings, specifications for all of the works and even a maintenance schedule. We aim to make every step of your garden design journey as stress-free and clear for you as possible.

Garden Construction

This is the area of our work that requires the greatest skills in landscape design, something we have in abundance. We are members of BALI and approved installers of Bradstone Paving and Walling, both of which ensure the high quality of our work. In addition, we will give you a Three-Year Guarantee of all construction projects carried out by one of our landscape designers. Of course, garden construction is not confined to concrete and stone products, it also covers timber walling and structures such as pergolas, fences and decking. We specialise in metal work and our wide range of skills which guarantee work of the highest standards. We will make your garden design ideas a reality.


Whilst garden construction provides the skeleton of any new garden design, it is the planting of your new garden that puts the flesh on the bones. We all know that a successful planting scheme depends on soil types and position, but what is less appreciated is the value in understanding how different plants relate to one another. Colour, shape and texture of plants, as well as flowering times, are essential to consider in the process of making your small garden ideas a reality. Your choice of plants should also complement the constructional elements of your garden design.

For example, a garden constructed in a modern style with contemporary materials may not be sympathetic to a cottage garden-type planting scheme. The expertise and knowledge of our landscape designers can make a real difference.

Commercial Landscaping

Over the years, City Gardens have carried out numerous large-scale projects in landscape design, such as landscaping most of the Exeter Business Park and much of the Pynes Hill Business Park, too. We have also carried out upgrades for small business units and we provide regular maintenance for several office blocks and industrial units in the Exeter area. In addition, we have completed many large specialist projects for clients such as The Ministry of Defence and Crawley Council. With a wealth of experience in the commercial landscaping industry, our landscape designers are the perfect choice to help with large-scale projects.

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